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What women victims of cybercrime do

by Afonso
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Currently, cybercrime is increasing with technology. Cyber ​​crime is a boundaryless crime. In this type of crime, the crime is organized by sitting in one country and making victims of the citizens of another country.

Most of the victims of cyber crime in our country are women. Due to the availability of information technology, as the use of internet and smartphones is increasing among people of different ages and classes in the country, cyber crimes are increasing along with it. Generally, the trend of this crime is more in social media including Facebook.

Women aged 18 to 30 years are the most affected by cyber crime in our country. A large part of these women complain about Facebook. Where there are serious allegations ranging from ID hacking to superimposed images and pornography.

Even if they are harassed, most of the victims do not know how to take legal action against it. The rest do not complain to the law enforcement agencies, thinking that there will be no benefit.

In this case lack of clear concept and public shame and fear are the main reasons. On the one hand, women are being cheated, and their personal lives are becoming miserable due to blackmail and threats.

Day by day such crimes are increasing due to ignorance of proper use of information technology. The first Cybercrime Prevention Act (ICT Act) was enacted in Bangladesh in 2006. Then this law was amended in 2013. In this act, the provision of 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of not more than 10 lakh taka has been made for the crime of taking private pictures or videos without the permission of someone and publishing them. Cyber ​​crime will be reduced to a great extent if the law is enforced along with awareness about the proper use of this law.

Apart from this, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Department of Bangladesh Government also has a Cyber ​​Help Desk to protect against cyber harassment. This helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anyone from anywhere in Bangladesh can directly call the helpline or lodge a complaint via SMS.

Apart from this, the government has launched a hotline ‘999’ to protect against cyber harassment. Anyone who is a victim of cyber crime can also call this hotline to file a complaint. At present, there are the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Unit, Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) and Elite Force Rapid Action Battalion’s cyber crime investigation cell. Advancing technology-based operations in this regard is a major challenge for these law enforcement agencies.

Author: Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court


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