Home News What type of cancer does Kate Middleton suffer from?

What type of cancer does Kate Middleton suffer from?

What type of cancer does Kate Middleton suffer from?

Kate Middleton has revealed that she suffers from cancer, without specifying what type of tumor it is. The condition was reportedly diagnosed after abdominal surgery she underwent in January. According to the message issued by the Princess of Wales, at that time “it was thought that her condition was not cancerous” and this is the information they transmitted to the world. The surgery performed at London Clinic was successful and after 13 nights of hospitalization, she was able to return to her residence on January 29.

Subsequent analyzes revealed, however, that there was cancer and the Royal Family decided not to share any further medical information. They also do not now want, at least for the moment, to clarify what type of tumor it is or at what stage it has been diagnosed. To reach the diagnosis, it can be assumed that biopsies, blood tests and other examinations have been performed. The biopsy consists of taking a small sample to examine under a microscope if there are cancer cells.

In her message, Kate has detailed that her treatment consists of preventive chemotherapy, following medical advice, in order to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy is one of the most used treatments against cancer, either alone or in combination with surgery and/or radiotherapy. Generally a family is used

of drugs to fight cancer cells. They are drugs that act by inhibiting the development, growth and dissemination of these cells.

Almost all cancer patients can receive one or more of the more than one hundred chemotherapy drugs available from the initial moment of tumor diagnosis and throughout the disease. Kate’s team of oncologists will decide what she should administer, when and how, based on the type of cancer, its location and the stage at which it is.