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What to give the baby for breakfast

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New year has arrived. As soon as the new year arrives, the child’s school admission process begins. And when it comes to school, the first thought of parents is what to give the child in school tiffin! For children whose school is in the morning shift, many parents cannot provide home-made tiffin. As a result, many of these families depend on fast food made outside or various foods made by bakeries. But many may not know what ingredients these foods are made of. As a result, many times due to lack of awareness, children may face various health risks.

It is always important to start the day with a healthy and balanced meal. It is even more important for children. Because the child’s physical and mental development is an ongoing growing process. Therefore, if the food is irregular at the beginning of the day, the child’s nutritional deficiency may occur. As a result, the normal growth and development of children can be disrupted. Moreover, children who go to school without breakfast or a nutritious meal are more likely to be tired. So they can’t even concentrate on studies. Even in other activities including sports, their presence is hardly seen.

Children who do not eat breakfast in the morning are more likely to buy unhealthy food from outside. Unhealthy food is often sold in front of schools. Eating which many times the child may suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, typhoid, jaundice, acidity, stomach ache etc. Many times unhealthy food poses long-term health risks to children.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every family to prepare good tiffin for the child’s breakfast despite being busy. But the responsibility does not end just by giving breakfast or tiffin. Rather, it should be taken care of whether the food is balanced. To say balanced food, carbohydrates, protein, fat – these three elements should be present in the food. For example, bread with eggs, vegetables is a balanced meal plan. But fried potato with roti or roti-semolina is not a balanced meal plan. Foods like bread, potato fritters or roti-suji do not contain protein. But by eating milk-bread or milk-semolina again, a balanced diet is maintained.

Healthy foods that can be given to children as breakfast or school snacks:

১. Egg or chicken with vegetable khichdi.

২. Sharma or sandwich with egg or chicken and vegetables.

৩. Chira with milk or yogurt and fruit, cornflakes with milk and fruit, oats with milk or yogurt and fruit.

৪. Egg or chicken and vegetables with noodles, egg toast and fruit, egg paratha, vegetables etc.

Variations in the ingredients in each meal may result in variations in calorie content or food quality. Moreover, the amount of food your child will eat depends on various factors including his age, weight, height, level of physical activity. Therefore, any food and food ingredients should be included in the child’s food list. It will be possible to ensure proper nutrition of the child.

One thing to remember. As the children of today are the future of tomorrow, proper upbringing of children is essential for the future.

Author: Nutrition Officer, National Healthcare Network, Bangladesh Diabetic Association


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