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What to eat to boost immunity in winter

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During this time we may have various diseases including fever, cold, cough. So it is important to make some changes in our diet to increase the body’s immune system.

Due to the cold, the rate of drinking water decreases a lot in winter. Clean water is very important for good health. As a result, water is the most deficient element in our body at this time. Many people drink a lot of tea and coffee in winter. And because tea or coffee is a diuretic, the necessary water is removed from the body. As a result, due to dehydration, the skin of the skin shrinks and cracks. In addition to digestive problems, various bodily processes may be disrupted during this time.

So a normal healthy person must drink 2.5 to 3.0 liters of water per day. Kusum can drink hot water if it is difficult to drink cold water. Moreover, various herbal ingredients such as: ginger, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, basil leaves etc. can be brewed in water and consumed as masala tea. You can also drink turmeric in hot water with lemon and honey. Moreover, you can eat by boiling different vegetables or cooking different types of soup. It can meet the water demand.

As always, a balanced diet along with certain nutrients should be given special attention to boost the immune system during this time. For example: vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, foods rich in antioxidants. Many vegetables and fruits are available in winter. So you can have enough vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Many people think that eating fruits in winter can make you feel cold. Especially bananas. But this is a misconception. Any food at normal temperature is not likely to cause a cold or cough.

Fever, cold, cough in winter is a viral disease. So keep foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Raw salad with different types of vegetables can be in the food list. Apart from this, you can keep four to five types of colorful vegetables and fruits in your diet every day.

Many people think that eating milk or milk products, especially yogurt, can cause a cold. This is also a misconception. According to the normal dietary habits of the people of Bangladesh, milk or milk-based food is very important to meet the calcium requirement. A glass of turmeric with a pinch of turmeric and some pepper powder can be eaten with a glass of warm milk to boost immunity in winter. It will play a very important role in increasing immunity.

This is the time to eat Pithapuli. So people consume a lot of sugary foods or carbohydrate foods. In this case, it is important to take various types of protein-rich foods in addition to carbohydrates. For example: Pitha can be made by mixing dal powder with rice. Again, the nutritional value of food can be increased by adding enough milk, coconut, different types of nuts or seeds to pitha. Apart from this, you can add a small amount of butter or ghee with food as a good fat in winter days. But in that case butter or ghee must be pure.

In winter our digestive power is much less than normal time. Moreover, due to the cold, the normal activity and physical exertion rate of people is reduced a lot compared to other times. So it is very important to exercise regularly for 30 to 45 minutes every day. Moreover, instead of eating a lot of food at once, instead of eating small meals throughout the day, the nutrients of that food are properly absorbed in our body, which helps in increasing our immune system.

Author: Nutrition Officer, National Healthcare Network, Bangladesh Diabetic Association


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