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What to do with tonsil pain in winter

by Afonso
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It’s winter now. Many people may suffer from cold due to the strong wind when they go outside. At this time we suffer from tonsil pain. Only the one who suffers from tonsillitis knows its suffering.

If you yawn, the small balls inside the throat are called tonsils. Tonsils prevent germs from entering the mouth, throat, nose, and ears. But many times while doing this work the tonsil itself gets affected. If there is a problem in the tonsils, it is very difficult to swallow and eat anything.

1. Severe pain in the throat
2. fever
3. Difficulty eating
4. Pain in speaking or swallowing
5. Pain while drinking water

People who have tonsil problems have to follow many rules. With these rules it is possible to get rid of tonsil pain. Let’s know some ways to protect yourself from tonsillitis pain:

1. Keep yourself away from cold winter air.
2. Wear winter clothes indoors and outdoors.
3. Rest the throat. Don’t speak loudly.
4. Drink warm turmeric water when sore throat starts. Wear a neck muffler.
5. Do not drink cold water.
6. Swish or gargle with lukewarm water mixed with salt. You can relax a lot.
7. Ginger works to prevent any type of infection. You can drink ginger tea for sore throat.
8. Avoid eating solid foods when tonsillitis starts. Try to eat soft food during this time.


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