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What to do to protect the smartphone

by Afonso
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Some problems arise when the smartphone gets a little old. In particular, the performance of the battery decreases. If new smartphones also have such problems, then extra care should be taken. Changing certain settings of the smartphone will solve most of the problems.

Display brightness
The main reason for fast draining of charge is the display. For which screen brightness has to be set. Brightness should be set in such a way that the light is neither too bright nor too low. Auto mode can be kept if desired. Battery capacity can be increased by changing the Auto Lock or Screen Timed Out settings.

background app
Many people are not aware about background apps. But if the unnecessary apps are running, the charge of the smartphone gets reduced very easily. There are some apps, which are always active in the background of the phone by themselves. And they reduce battery capacity. Background apps need to be closed for this. To do this go to Settings and select General Options. After clicking on ‘Background App Refresh’ option, all types of apps running in the background will be disabled.

Clean the phone
Proper cleaning is essential to protect the phone. If not cleaned, dirt accumulates inside and outside. Even if the cover is used, fine dust gets inside the phone. So the phone should be cleaned regularly. You can clean the smartphone with a soft cloth, dry brush or cotton bud. Don’t forget to clean the phone with a wet cloth.


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