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What to do to protect the child from illness in winter

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Winter has come. As the severity of winter will increase, the number of children’s diseases will increase. Children can be affected by various diseases, especially cold, cold, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, asthma, stomach ache, food poisoning, diarrhea and various skin diseases. To protect children from these diseases:

1. Keep the baby away from the cold as much as possible. Do not take the child out of the house unless absolutely necessary. Take the child out only when the sun rises. If you need to take it out, wrap it in winter clothes.

2. Close the doors and windows of the room if the child needs. Keep warm clothes wrapped around the baby at all times. Apart from this, keep a hat on your head and socks on your hands and feet. During this time try to dress your baby in thick cotton clothes instead of synthetic clothes. Also, always use lukewarm water for bathing, drinking and other purposes.

3. Always feed the baby safe foods, such as home-cooked meals and fresh fruits. Try not to eat cooked food from one meal to another.

4. Use hand sanitizer to disinfect hands when holding or feeding baby. Wash hands with soap after baby’s toilet.

5. Eat moderate amounts of fish, meat, milk, eggs, pulses, nuts and seasonal vegetables. Try not to eat food prepared in outside restaurants. Breastfeed the baby as often as needed.

6. Children do not need any medicine for the common cold. Children above six months should drink warm water with lemon, honey, tulsi leaves, ginger, cloves and bay leaves frequently.

7. Consult a doctor if the cough persists or persists.

8. For children who have breathing problems or asthma, give regular medication as prescribed by the doctor. Use an inhaler or nebulizer if necessary. If there is more difficulty in breathing, take it to the nearest hospital immediately.

9. If the child has diarrhea, give Ursaline (properly prepared) after each diarrhea and vomiting along with breast milk and normal food. Apart from this, eat other normal foods like: khichuri, rice, curry, chira, ripe banana, canned water, apple, anar and kanchala siddha etc.

Finally, remember that most winter illnesses do not require antibiotics.

10. Keep any hot things, hot water out of your baby’s reach.

11. To take care of children, bathe with warm water every day. Massage olive oil before bath. After bathing you can apply good lotion if necessary. Your baby’s skin will be good.

12. If there are any danger signs such as not being able to breastfeed, not being able to swallow food, convulsions, body tilting, severe shortness of breath, body being too hot or too cold, repeated vomiting, etc., take the child to the nearest hospital immediately.

Stay healthy and safe with your baby this winter.

Author: Specialist in public health and nutrition


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