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What to do to increase laptop battery life

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Nowadays laptops are very necessary for personal and corporate work. However, many times while working on the laptop, there is a problem of running out of charge. The charger has to be connected all the time. But laptop has to be taken outside for various needs. Then battery life or not getting backup is suffering.

The average lifespan of a laptop battery is 3 to 4 years. After that the battery life starts to decrease. But this problem can occur even if the laptop is not that old. In this case, there is a possibility that the hardware settings of the laptop are not correct. If there is a problem with the hardware settings of the laptop, fix it. Apart from this, you can increase the battery life by keeping some things in mind while using the laptop.

How to increase laptop battery life
* Don’t let the laptop battery discharge to zero percent. It reduces battery life. Battery goes to 20 percent charge actually keep it charged.

* Do not charge laptop up to 100 percent. Even charging the battery up to 100 percent reduces its capacity. Stop charging when it reaches 80 percent.

* Do not keep the laptop in a hot place. Battery power decreases due to heat.

* Don’t use laptop continuously. Leave 15 to 20 minutes in sleeping mode between work. When using the laptop continuously, the battery heats up and starts draining the charge very quickly.

* You can close the apps running in the background of the laptop. Apps running in the background drain the battery.

* Turn off app updates. You can also turn off notifications.

* Keeping the laptop off after work will increase the battery life.

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