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What to do to get rid of stress nightmares

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Stressful nightmares are the manifestation of our subconscious mind. That is, what we want to suppress in reality, we see in dreams. Before going to bed every work day, think about what is causing you stress. If you see the same dream again and again, try to find out what the symbolic form of this dream is? What do I need to do?

What to do to get rid of stress-induced nightmares
1. Exercise regularly every day.
2. Reading books two to three days a week.
3. Avoid heavy meals after evening.
4. Avoiding tea, coffee and alcohol before sleeping.
5. Don’t go to sleep at all after three o’clock.
6. Exercising to relieve stress.
7. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This rule will not be violated even on holidays.
8. Make the surroundings comfortable before sleeping. For example: dim lighting or comfortable temperature etc.

Dreams are thoughts of our subconscious mind. Again, nightmares are directly related to the subconscious mind. Many people have nightmares in their sleep. Our conscious mind is only 5 percent. The subconscious mind occupies a huge place in our psyche. Take some time and analyze your life with a cool head. What subconscious issues are creating stress in your mind? What to do to deal with these issues? To lighten yourself, you can talk to someone about your feelings. If it is stress free, you will get relief from nightmares.

Stress-induced nightmares may require you to seek medical attention. But in this case, controlling stress is the most important challenge. If necessary, consult a psychiatrist.

Author: Physician, Counselor Psychotherapy Practitioner, Phoenix Wellness Center Bangladesh


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