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What to do if you are afraid of publishing personal photos on the Internet?

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The present age is the age of technology. Now a wide variety of technology products are available. By using these products we are becoming much smarter. Currently, smartphones, computers, laptops are now in the hands of men and women of all ages in our country. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, IMO, Telegram, etc. are now not only a means of passing time, but are also used in cases of necessity. Use of these over time.

Nowadays cyber crime has become a serious crime. Criminals usually collect pictures from Facebook or other social media. They open fake IDs or hack IDs to grab pictures or videos or personal information.

Among the Facebook users in Bangladesh, women are the most victims of cybercrime. Women are more likely to be victims of blackmail by threatening to publish offensive or private photos on the Internet. According to existing cyber security laws in the country, if a person knowingly or knowingly takes, publishes or transmits a photograph of another person without their permission, such act is an offense in cases of violation of personal privacy. Any person who commits such an offense shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or with a fine of Tk 10 lakh or with both.

We need to think first about where we will share on social media, how much, with whom, what security tools we will use to share or publish something. Here you have to be careful in choosing friends, be careful in exchanging information in the inbox. It is possible to be somewhat safe. However, the fear is not completely over. Because any criminal can capture or collect images or videos in any way. Nowadays, AI Photoshop can turn any image into an offensive image. In addition to caution in this regard, we also need social prevention.

Women victims of such crimes can initially complain to the nearest police station. There is an option to seek redress using the DMP’s Counter Terrorism Division’s ‘Hello City’ app. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to speak directly to the office of Cyber ​​Crime Unit of DMP’s Counter Terrorism Division. Besides this at the address Complaints are also available through e-mail.

Apart from this, you can also go directly to the Women’s Support and Investigation Center in Tejgaon in the capital. Apart from this, from any part of the country [email protected] Any aggrieved woman can file a complaint through e-mail at this address. They have a Facebook page ‘Police Cyber ​​Support for Women’ (PCSW). There is an opportunity to complain by going to the message option of this page. Apart from this, there is an opportunity to approach the court.

In case of complaint, records of phone conversations, screenshots of messages, screenshots of various signs, links, audio or video files should be kept in the collection. Above all you can take necessary advice from the officers of cyber crime unit if necessary, which can be helpful in taking your legal action.

But the problem is that a large section of women victims of these crimes are reluctant to report due to various social and economic reasons. Many of them do not even trust that they will get redressal if they complain. It is very important for women to come out of this trend first and foremost.

Author: Advocate, Bangladesh Supreme Court


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