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What to do if wisdom tooth pain is overcome?

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Our two sets of teeth have a total of 32 teeth. The teeth at the very end of the dental arch towards the inside of the mouth are known as the molars. The last four teeth of upper and lower gums are called wisdom teeth. These are the largest among the other teeth.

How important are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are less important in our life. If wisdom teeth are causing problems for you, or are likely to cause problems in the future, these teeth should be removed. However, before extracting the teeth, doctors check several things.

For example: Are other teeth causing problems due to this tooth? Whether creating other problems inside the mouth? What or what kind of complications can be caused by surgery etc. After considering these, the dentist decides whether surgery is necessary.

What is the possibility of complications in wisdom teeth?
After wisdom tooth extraction, many people’s mouth or gums are swollen and painful. But it doesn’t last long. If the pain persists or returns, rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash will resolve the problem.

To do:
Wisdom teeth erupt after the gums harden. So before the wisdom teeth grow, the gums hurt for some time. If this pain is severe, a dentist should be consulted without delay. There are a few things to keep in mind if you experience pain after wisdom tooth extraction. For example:
1. Eating cold and soft food.
2. Do not eat any kind of hot and hard food.
3. do not smoke It will increase the complexity.
4. Not exercising for a few days after surgery. It can cause pain in the gums.

Author: Dental Surgeon, Sikdar Dental Care, Mirpur


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