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What to do if water enters the mobile phone

by Afonso
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Many times water gets into the mobile phone due to carelessness. Especially if the phone is not waterproof then getting wet can cause various problems. But there is nothing to fear. In this case, if you follow some suggestions, the phone will be fine.

* The warranty of the mobile phone will not be valid if it gets wet with water. Open the battery to check if the phone is water damaged. Batteries have small white stickers that turn red or pink when wet.

* If you realize that the phone has come in contact with water, turn it off quickly. Then quickly wipe it off with a tissue or soft cloth. Then quickly remove the SIM and battery. Allow them to dry carefully. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

* Use a paper towel or soft dry cloth to dry the phone. It is better not to use hair dryer to dry the mobile phone. Because hot air can cause damage.

* If the mobile gets wet, do not open the battery and dry the phone directly in the air of the fan. You can hold it in front of the air condition vent for a while.

* Keep the phone in the sun for a while. If there is little water left, it will dry in the sun.

* If still your phone does not turn on then take the phone to the service center.


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