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What to do if the laptop battery does not charge

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Sometimes the laptop battery suddenly stops charging. Usually this type of problem occurs when the laptop is old. Again this may be the case with new laptops. There is a simple solution to this problem if the battery cell is not dead. Usually unplugging the adapter from the wall plug and plugging it back in will solve the problem. However, this solution is not always useful. In this case, following a few steps can solve the problem.

Testing the adapter
First of all, check that the part of the charger that connects to the laptop is correct. Check that the cord with the adapter is properly connected. If the cord is loose there will be no current. As a result, the battery will not charge. In this case unplugging from the adapter and plugging it back in often activates.

Change the socket
Sometimes the battery does not charge if there is a problem with the plug or socket. For this, you have to open the adapter and put it in another socket. Through this, if there is any problem in the socket, it can be found out. If it still does not charge, the socket or plug must be changed.

Charging port and pin test
If the laptop battery does not charge, the port and pin should be checked. Sometimes the port can be blocked due to dust. For this the port should be kept clean. And if the pin is damaged then it has to be repaired.

Using the original charger
The charger supplied with the device should be used. It is better to use the original charger for smartphones, smartwatches or laptops. The charger that comes with the device from the company is made according to the specifications of the device. Third party chargers offer fast charging facilities but create problems in the long run.

Reinstall the battery driver
Laptops have different software for different components. If the battery does not charge, the adapter and battery driver can be uninstalled and reinstalled. Windows manages the battery through these software. If there is a problem with the software, charging may stop.

Temperature control
Many times laptop overheats causing problem in charging. Today’s laptops have various temperature control features. As a result, if the temperature rises, charging may be stopped for safety reasons.


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