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What to do if any part of the body is burnt

by Afonso
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Disasters in human life do not come with advance notice. Accidents can happen suddenly at any time. Due to accidents, the human body can be burnt suddenly. The pain of burning the body in fire is much more intense. However, by keeping a cool head in any accident, it is possible to minimize the damage. Let’s find out what to do in case of fire:

1. Move away from the place where there is a fire. So that the body does not feel the heat of the fire.

2. If someone is around, try to call them.

3. Pour as much water as possible on the burnt area. Only pouring water can reduce the amount of burns.

4. If you see your clothes on fire, take them off. Otherwise you will not be able to save yourself from the fire.

5. If you have jewelry on the burned body part, remove it.

6. If babies have diapers, remove them.

7. If possible, wrap the burned person in a blanket.

8. Clean the burn wound and cover it with sterile gauze.

9. Be careful not to rub the burn.

10. Burns can be fed with saline, canned water, or liquids.

11. If the body catches fire, roll on the ground if possible. It will make it easier to put out the fire.

12. Regardless of how many parts of the body are burned, after first aid, arrange for prompt transport to a burn and plastic surgery center.


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