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What the IMF says about the reserves of Bangladesh

by Afonso
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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has expressed hope that the reserves of Bangladesh will start increasing soon. At the same time, the company predicts that the inflation rate will also decrease.

The IMF says GDP growth will be limited to 6 percent.

Besides, the IMF has given three suggestions to revive the economy. These are tightening and reforming monetary policy, making the rupee exchange rate more flexible against the dollar and pursuing a neutral fiscal policy.

The executive council of the organization made this recommendation after approving the proposal to waive off the second installment of the loan.

According to IMF, the economy of Bangladesh has repeatedly stumbled in the situation caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. However, remittances and export earnings have started to increase to some extent along with reduction in import costs due to import tightening. This has reduced the current account deficit.


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