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What the government is saying about the diplomatic crisis

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The Law Minister said that there is no fear of a diplomatic crisis over the elections. And the Home Minister said that the opponents also understood that the election was clean. The ministers said these things after a meeting with the ambassadors of India and China at the Secretariat on Monday. Meanwhile, India and China promised to increase investment and trade.

On January 7, Awami League won the majority in the 12th parliamentary elections. The cabinet was formed under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on January 11. Since then, diplomats of different countries are meeting with the new ministers and state ministers.

Following this, India’s High Commissioner Prannoy Verma paid a courtesy call on Law Minister Anisul Haque in Dhaka.

Later, the law minister said that the fear of a diplomatic crisis over the election has been over. He said that India’s cooperation in various matters including investment and trade will continue.

Anisul Haque said, ‘There could be a diplomatic crisis, of course you have seen any such diplomatic problem after the election, there is no possibility.’

Besides, Ambassador Yao Wen handed over the Great Wall Commemorative Medal to Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on behalf of the Chinese government.

After the meeting, the Home Minister said that no one raised any questions about the 12th Parliament elections. Those who made negative comments are also silent now.

Asaduzzaman Khan said, ‘So far the election has not been questioned by any country. So we think, a beautiful election has been gifted to the nation by the Election Commission, under the leadership of our Prime Minister. Our relations with foreign countries and other neighboring countries will have excellent employment. I think it will be stronger.’

The Home Minister also said that Bangladesh and China will work together to ensure cyber and border security. Beijing has also promised to train the country’s law and order forces.


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