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What the alleged husband said about marriage and children with Poppy

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Gunjan is rumored to be married to National Film Award winning actress Sadika Parveen Poppy for the past three years. This actress got married to a businessman named Adnan Kamal. He also has a two-year-old son named Ayat in this family. Adnan opened his mouth about the matter.

He is basically a ship merchant. He told the media that Poppy is their family friend. But there is no question of marriage with him. It is spreading against him.

He said, ‘Thousands of phone calls came to me throughout the day yesterday. i’m bored They are questioning me as if I am on remand. Many have also written, trying to talk to me. But the mobile phone was found switched off. This has made me viral. My wife is also enjoying it.’

Commentary of Adnan Kamal, ‘I am a son of old Dhaka. Human dignity is a very important thing. No one can ever grow up by making someone smaller. I will not scold the journalist who wrote it. His parents made him a journalist after studying hard. He is working in a respectable profession. But he cannot write without understanding like this. One should not give pictures like this without being sure. I am very surprised about the whole thing. But if I read about such news, I will not continue. I request everyone, write knowingly. If you want to write without knowing, write that too. But it feels bad to see, you are writing about my three children, it is very painful.’

He told about one of the reasons for such news involving him. ‘Poppy madam is our family friend. My wife’s elder sister’s friend. He also came to my younger sister’s wedding in 2018. Gaihlud came to the event. did our show Shahrukh Khan also went to dance at the wedding, so does that girl get married to Shahrukh Khan? We are Dhaka people. People of food and drink. No one really leaves without eating. Now if everyone says something about our family friendship, then what will I say! You know, I also asked my wife, when did they meet Poppy. He said that they have known each other since 2004. Going home I was not even married then. I got married in 2011. – said Adnan.

The news that there is a child named Ayat in your family has also come to light? He commented on the matter, ‘No, no, it is a lie. I have three children. Elder daughter Adiba, younger daughter Azreen and son Alvi. I think, this work is being done by rival businessmen to humiliate me in the society. I have three or four suspects. After being sure about them, I want to say the name.’

It’s been a few years that there is no news of Poppy shooting or new film. He is not seen in film-related chats either. No one except one or two close people know where the national award-winning heroine is now? Those who know, do not want to open their mouths. So this star has been living a very quiet life for the past few years.

Some say married, some claim to have children!

Poppy was infected with corona virus in 2021. After a few days, this artist got married to Chaur in Mediapara. But no one spoke like that then.

It is heard that the mother has become an actress Poppy. After a few days Poppy suddenly came forward. But not in person, but on video.
Poppy sent a video message ahead of the 2022 Bangladesh Film Artists Association elections. Where he blamed Zayed Khan for his exit from the media.
In a 5 minute 34 second video message on Facebook, he asked for votes for the Ilyas Kanchan-Nipun panel. He also requested the voters of Film Artists Association to vote for them.


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