Home News What saint is celebrated today, March 23? Everything you need to know about today’s saints

What saint is celebrated today, March 23? Everything you need to know about today’s saints

What saint is celebrated today, March 23?  Everything you need to know about today’s saints

The Catholic Church has the tradition of celebrating the saints day every day of the year, in which it pays tribute to several of the saints and blesseds who have marked the history of Christianity.

What is the Saints?

The saints are used as a liturgical guide for the celebration of religious festivities. Many people also use it as a reference to name their children, choosing names that correspond to the saint of the day on which they are born. Today, March 23, we commemorate the following saints:

Saint Joseph Oriol

Saint Joseph Oriol (1650-1702), born and died in Barcelona. In addition to his deep spirituality and love for his hometown, San José Oriol was also distinguished by his prophetic and miraculous gifts. Numerous cures and even the resurrection of the dead are attributed to him. Which earned him the nickname of the “Thaumaturge of Barcelona.”

In a time where medical attention was scarce and often reserved only for the wealthiest, this saint dedicated his life to care of the sick, offering care and comfort with the limited resources available to him. In addition to spiritual accompaniment, Saint Joseph Oriol washed the wounds of the sick, and prepared ointments and domestic remedies for their wounds. His generosity and austerity led him to be known as “Doctor Bread and Water”.

Graduated in philosophy and theology at the University of Barcelona, He was ordained a priest in Vic in 1676 and served as preceptor for a decade. In 1686, Pope Innocent XI gave him a position in the church of Santa María del Pino in Barcelona, ​​where he continued his labor pastoral and charity.

Saint Joseph Oriol was beatified in 1806 and canonized in 1909, being recognized for his life of service and devotion. His legacy endures in various artistic representations, such as the polychrome wooden sculpture in the Church of San Felipe Neri and the pictorial work “San José Oriol heals Pedro Crisóstomo”which is located in the Barcelona History Museum, among others.

Saint Toribio of Mogrovejo

Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo was born on Nov. 16 the 1538 and Mayorga, Castilla’s crown, and died on March 23, 1606 in Zaña (Viceroyalty of Peru). Santo Toribio is mainly known for his missionary work and for his contribution to the ecclesiastical organization in the Viceroyalty of Peru during his time as Archbishop of Lima.

He came from a noble family, son of Luis Alfonso de Mogrovejo coconut and Ana de Robledo and Morán de Butrón, Toribio From a young age he showed an inclination towards Religious life. After receiving an education in civil and ecclesiastical law, he stood out as teacher in the University of Salamancawhere his uncle Juan de Mogrovejo significantly influenced his spiritual formation.

In 1578, he was ordained a priest and later appointed Archbishop of Lima by Pope Gregory XIII, succeeding Gerónimo de Loayza. He assumed this responsibility with great humility and devotion, committing to serve God and to his community. Your trip to Peru in 1580 marked the beginning of a life dedicated to care spiritual of the inhabitants of this region.

In Limathe saint faced significant challenges, including spiritual decay and the abuses committed by conquerors and ecclesiastics. His determination to correct these wrongs led him to suffer chases y slanders. But, despite everything, he never abandoned his mission. His commitment with the most people in need was reflected in his generosity and total disinterest in material things, and in his tireless work to improve the living conditions of the natives and the underprivileged.

The pastoral visits throughout his extensive archbishopric, which spanned from Lima to Quitoforged a close bond with his community and allowed him to foster spiritual progress throughout its territory. His tireless pastoral work, as well as the founding of the first American Seminary in Lima and the convocation of several councils destined to organize ecclesiastical work in the region, they left an indelible mark in the history of the Latin American Church.

Beatified in 1679 and canonized in 1726, Saint Toribio de Mogrovejo is venerated not only in Peru and Spain, but throughout the Catholic world. His feast is celebrated on a day like today, with festivities in Lima, Mayorga and Zaña, where his relics are found. His devotion continues to be a beacon of inspiration for millions of faithful, remembering his example of selfless service and love for others.

In addition to celebrating Saint Joseph Oriol and Saint Toribio, this Saturday, the Catholic Church also remembers the following saints:

  • San Fingers
  • St. Gualterio
  • San Otón de Ariano
  • San Pedro Higgins
  • Santa Rebeca de Himlaya
  • Blessed Anunciata Cocchetti
  • Blessed Edmund Sykes
  • Blessed Methodius Domingo Trcka
  • Blessed Pedro de Gubbio