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What Netanyahu said about Israel’s disagreement with America

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel and the United States differ on how Gaza should be managed after the end of the war. But he also noted that American support for eliminating Hamas and rescuing hostages from Palestinian fighters is important for Israel. The news agency Reuters reported this information in a report.

In a video message given in Hebrew on Tuesday, Netanyahu said, “After discussions with President Biden and his administration officials, we have received their full support for conducting ground operations and reducing international pressure to end the war.” But yes, there are differences of opinion about what will happen in Gaza after Hamas is eliminated. I hope we can come to an agreement on this as well.

Referring to Joe Biden, Netanyahu said, “I will not allow Israel to repeat the mistakes of Oslo.” This cannot happen after such great sacrifices of our citizens and soldiers. We cannot afford to support terrorism, finance terrorism, in Gaza. Gaza will not belong to Hamas, nor will it belong to Fatah.

Note that in 1993, a peace agreement was signed between the Palestinians and the Israelis in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The deal called for the Palestinians to gain partial self-government and for Israel to withdraw troops first from Jericho in the West Bank and then from Gaza. Instead, the PLO would recognize the legitimacy of the Israeli state.

Netanyahu considers the Oslo Accords of the 1990s a failure of Israel. He drew criticism at home for comparing the Oslo Accords to the October 7 Hamas attack.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a resolution was passed in the United Nations calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. News agency AFP reported that the proposal was raised at the United Nations by Mauritania and Egypt. 153 countries including Bangladesh, India voted in favor of the proposal. On the other hand, 10 countries including the United States and Israel voted against it. 23 countries abstained from voting.

US President Joe Biden, participating in the election campaign in Washington on the same day, said that Israel has begun to lose the support of the international community by continuing to attack Gaza. Joe Biden also said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should change his hard-line government in a war situation.

About 18,000 Palestinians have been killed and 49,500 injured in Israeli bombardment since October 7. Since the beginning of the war, Hamas attacks have killed approximately 1,200 people in Israel.

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