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What kind of strategy to lay off workers!

by Afonso
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A company in China is in talks to resort to novel tactics in layoffs. A strategy that has forced many people to quit their jobs, even without forcing anyone. They were not sent away by direct letter. The company did not even have to pay any compensation.

According to the report of South China Morning Post, the advertising agency in question is from China’s Shaanxi Province. The entire incident is known in the statement of a former employee of the company. The man named Chang said that they were suddenly informed one day that the company’s office had been moved to the remote Qinling Mountains. It takes two hours to get there from the city. There is no car for transportation.

“Those of us without cars had to rely on buses to get to the office,” Chang said. But the bus leaves every three hours. We had to get off the bus and walk another 3 kilometers uphill to the new office. The atmosphere was not good either. The women workers had to use the toilets in the surrounding villages. Being a remote area, there was a lack of security even on the way back at night.’

In these adverse conditions, 14 of the company’s more than 20 employees, including Chang, left their jobs. The strange thing is that the company’s office was moved back to its previous location in the city just four days after the workers left their jobs. Even new staff recruitment is advertised. After this incident there was anger among the workers who quit their jobs. They alleged that the strategy of moving the office was adopted to lay off the staff.


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