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What is the pain of losing in the World Cup final, said Rohit

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No one knows the pain of breaking a dream better than Rohit Sharma. World Cup at home, the whole country was waiting for the hosts to win the title after 12 years of waiting.

The whole tournament was a great game in India’s Pa Harkal final. Saw the stream of dreams drowning near the shore in front of his eyes. The stage that could have been the place where captain Rohit lived forever in the history of Indian cricket, saw the yellow festival.

The Indian captain has not opened his mouth about that experience. Rohit spoke about the loss in the final for the first time on social media on Wednesday.

Rohit had no idea how to digest the loss in the final against Australia. However, the Indian batsman received unwavering support from family and friends in difficult situations, ‘I had no idea how to come back from this situation. At first I couldn’t find any direction. My family and friends gave me the courage that made the journey a little easier.’

Rohit could not accept the loss of the final, ‘It (final loss) was not easy to digest. Life doesn’t stop. But it was really painful. It was not easy to forget it and move on.’

The World Cup means something special to Rohit. The Indian batsman frankly admitted his weakness towards the ODI World Cup, ‘I grew up watching the 50-over World Cup. To me this is the highest award in cricket. We’ve been preparing for that World Cup for so many years… but it was an absolute disappointment.’

Describing the level of despair, Rohit added, ‘If you don’t get the dream you have been cherishing for so long, or the dream is broken, then you will definitely be depressed.’

Despite the loss, Rohit felt that there was no lack of effort from his teammates, ‘We did everything that was possible for us to do. If someone told me, where was the mistake…. We have won ten matches in a row. We also made mistakes in those ten matches. These mistakes are part of the game. It is never possible to be absolutely perfect in cricket.’


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