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What is the message of Joe Biden’s letter to Sheikh Hasina?

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After the letter of US President Joe Biden to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, experts do not see any danger of US economic or any other sanctions on the country. They say that America wants to increase relations with the new government, it is clear in President Biden’s letter.

Last Sunday, US President Joe Biden wrote a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, assuring to be with Dhaka in achieving its ambitious economic goals. In the letter, the US President also reiterated his desire to work with Dhaka to establish a partnership to fulfill the common dream of a free and free trade zone.

Earlier, after the 12th parliamentary elections, the US ambassador Peter Haas spoke about advancing the relationship between the two countries after meeting the foreign minister.

Regarding the letter, Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said, ‘I don’t think there is any reason to be uncomfortable after receiving Joe Biden’s letter. Through this letter, our relationship will improve further.’

International relations analyst Professor Dr. According to Imtiaz Ahmed, the letter clarified the issue of improving relations with Bangladesh.

Dr. Imtiaz said, ‘Joe Biden’s letter, it is clear that he wants to improve the relationship. That’s normal I think. And if it is to be increased, it is better to have a relationship with this new government. There will be no problem in the export market for American-made apparel. There is no threat of US economic or any other kind of sanctions on Bangladesh. It has become more clear through the letter of US President Joe Biden.

This international relations analyst also said, ‘Bangladesh’s relationship with America is for ready-made garments, they like the price we give. Here they make a huge profit, it must be remembered. They make more lakhs than my onars do. There is no question of giving a hand here.’

Highlighting the message of the US President’s letter, former Foreign Secretary Touhid Hossain said, ‘In very official language, an official letter. There is a description of the cases in which assistance can be provided. He mentioned everything about the Indo-Pacific Strategy. Rohingyas are also mentioned but only the aspect of humanitarian assistance is mentioned.

Touhid Hossain said, “As tough words were being used by America before the announcement of the schedule, after the schedule it was reduced a bit. They were critical of the election, maybe still are. Still, in terms of reality, the powerful country wants to increase relations with the new government. Bangladesh has a multi-dimensional relationship with America. Joe Biden’s letter expressed his commitment to take the relationship further in these cases.

In the letter, Joe Biden mentioned that the administrations of the two countries sincerely want to work together on many issues before starting the next chapter of the US-Bangladesh partnership. It talks about regional and global security, economic development, climate, energy, especially Rohingya refugees and many other areas.

Touhid Hossain said, ‘The business that is going on, it seems that there will not be any obstacles. And people-to-people communication is also very strongly said there.’

Joe Biden wrote, Bangladesh-United States have a long and successful history of working together to solve problems. And the basis of this relationship is the strong relationship between the people of the two countries.


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