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What is the dark web?

by Afonso
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A part of the World Wide Web is the Dark Web. It is inaccessible to normal users. From cyber attackers to hackers, roaming here is high. From common people to institutions including famous people, information is traded here. The dark web is said to be a haven for crime and criminals. Traditional browsers and search engines have no access to the dark web. There are separate browsers and search engines for this. Using the dark web is prohibited and a punishable offense in most countries around the world.

How the Dark Web was Created
Since long ago, people from different parts of the world wanted to start a process to manage their online activities with privacy. Militaries, revolutionaries, businessmen, hackers, and even the administration of many countries have sought to create an Internet system through which information can be secretly exchanged among themselves. The dark web originated from that idea. Internet service providers usually have access to monitor our every move online. They can provide information to law enforcement or anyone else if needed. In this way, the dark web was created so that no one can easily trace the information. Later, criminals started getting involved with it.

Accessing the dark web is illegal
A special browser called Tor is used to access the dark web. Anyone who wants can enter the dark web by installing this browser like Mozilla or Google Chrome on the computer. But accessing the dark web is completely illegal. Again, if you enter it out of curiosity, your computer may get a virus attack. Also, they ask to install all such software, which is very harmful for the computer. All your personal information may even be copied to an unspecified server. You should browse the dark web entirely at your own risk. In many cases, unknown users and hackers are gaining access. So it is better not to enter the dark web out of curiosity.

World Wide Web
We use the World Wide Web (WWW) for website addresses on the Internet. It is a repository, where information resides. And these can be accessed through the internet. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. This is the first step to access the internet. Websites on the World Wide Web are connected with hypertext links. Three layers of the World Wide Web. 1. Surface Web, 2. Deep Web, 3. The dark web. The dark web allows users and website owners to remain anonymous.

Surface Web
The Surface Web is the only visible part of the Internet. The surface web is the part of the internet that we usually visit. All websites on the Surface Web can be found on simple search engines. The Surface Web is a small part of the World Wide Web that is the only part accessible to the general public. Websites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. belong to Surface Web. Surface web sites usually use domains such as dot com, dot org, dot in, dot this etc. No special configuration is required to access these websites.

The Deep Web
The Deep Web is a hidden part of the World Wide Web. This part is hidden from search engines like Google. Search engines index different websites. However, if a website does not allow search engines to index it, it will not be found by search engines. This is the deep web. Everything in the back end of a website is part of the deep web. The Deep Web is not accessible to the general public. Deep web is commonly used for banking, cloud storage, government information, webmail or other payment services etc. An IP address or a direct URL is required to access the Deep Web. In many cases there is other security with passwords.

The dark web
The dark web is another hidden part of the deep web. It is possible to trace someone through the IP address when they browse on a common site. But that is not possible in dark web. The dark web is much smaller than the deep web. Dark web is mainly used for prohibited and illegal activities. A separate configuration software is required for this web access. Tor Browser is the most popular dark web access software. Dark web websites can be accessed through this. Like dot com dot net on the surface web, the dark web domain is dot onion. Although Surface Web sites can be visited in Tor Browser or Dark Web, Dark Web sites do not open in normal browsers. From cyber attackers to hackers, roaming here is high.

The dark web is full of bad activities like illegal activities, gambling, drugs, child pornography, weapons etc. From professional hackers to criminals for hire there. Common online currencies are not traded on the dark web. Cryptocurrencies such as Bit Coins are used there. The largest part of the underground market place is on the dark web. Online money theft, website hacking, theft of personal information, government secret documents, fake documents, smuggling etc. are regular occurrences of dark web.

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