Home News What is the biggest fear that Resident has?

What is the biggest fear that Resident has?

What is the biggest fear that Resident has?

Residentthe famous Puerto Rican artist, was Thursday’s guest on ‘La Resistencia’, the popular Movistar+ program presented by comedian David Broncano. During the talk, Resident shared one of his biggest fearsrevealing a more human side behind fame.

Planes have always scared me.“Admitted Residente. Although Broncano tried to calm him down with humor, the singer explained how even consulted the probabilities of a plane crash, comparing them to those of achieving fame in music. Broncano, known for his direct and unfiltered style with his show’s guests, revealed that The interview was recorded weeks before its broadcastwhich led to a humorous conversation about the possibility of a plane crash occurring between recording and broadcast of the episode. Residente, with his characteristic sense of humor, accepted with “nervous about the possibility of his comments going viral” in case of an incident.

However, The interview was not limited to Residente’s fears. Broncanoas usual in his interviews, also asked the usual questions: money in the bank and the singer’s sex life in the last 30 days. Residentwith his usual frankness and humility, admitted to having had “an active sexual life” in the aforementioned period. However, on the topic of money the singer preferred to keep that information private, citing other concerns about personal safety.