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What is known about the latest situation on the border

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Abul Kalam’s homestead in West Kool village on the Ghumdhum border of Naikshyongchari in Bandarban. He runs a small grocery store. Myanmar’s barbed wire fence is 200 feet from his house. Next is the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) base.

On Sunday morning, a bullet fired by the Arkan Army from the base on the other side of the border came through the plastic door and hit the wall of the house.

Abul Kalam’s wife Khaleda Begum, a resident of Tambru village, pointed to the bullet-ridden area of ​​the house and said, ‘There are bullets here. It burst through the door and fell down, then we got it.’

The householder Abul Kalam said, ‘We cannot sleep. Gunshots all night. We thought it would be a little off during the day, but it’s not.’

To the east of Abul Kalam’s house, farmer Nurul Bashar lives in a house bordering the border. A mortar shell from Myanmar fell on his house on Sunday afternoon. After that he left the house and went to a safe shelter.

Nurul Bashar said, ‘It fell here. See the flowers and trees are dead.’

Clashes between rebels and government forces in Myanmar have spread fear among Bangladeshis living in border areas. Although some have started to return without the village, most are still in the homes of relatives in Ukhia Kutupalong.

A resident of Tambru village said, ‘My home is Kotbazar. I live in in-laws house. My wife is there. I went too far. There was a lot of panic here. Now the situation is a little better. But I’m still in awe. Shots were fired in the morning as well. It happened at night too.’

Meanwhile, shops did not open in Tambru Bazaar on Monday due to panic. A local man found five unused bullets and submitted them to the BGB camp.

The man said, ‘My wife and children have all left from Tambru. I was home alone. I was walking on the road since morning. The shootings are not happening. They have taken over everything.’

The length of Bangladesh’s border with Myanmar is about 283 km. Major part of it fell in Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar districts. Several rebel groups, including the Arakan Army, have intensified fighting in the Bangladesh border area for weeks. And because of this, panic is increasing in Tambru border. Due to this conflict, BGB is on alert in the border area.

Two people were killed in Myanmar shelling

Two people were killed on the Ghumdhum border due to shelling from Myanmar. Among them, one Rohingya and one Bangladeshi.

Inspector Mahfuzur Rahman of Ghumdhum Police Investigation Center confirmed this information to Independent Television.

Mahfuzur Rahman said, ‘They died on Monday around 2:30 pm due to the bullet fired from Myanmar. One of them is a man and a woman.’

Cornered in fighting with the Arakan Army, 95 members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have so far fled across the Tumbru border and taken refuge in Bangladesh. In the meantime, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members have disarmed them and taken them into custody.

Among them, two named Jani Mong and Nimline have been admitted to Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital with bullet wounds. 4 others are being treated in a hospital in Ukhia in a critical condition.

What independent television journalist is watching

Independent Television reporter Al Amin Hossain has been gathering news in the border area of ​​Bandarban since last Sunday. He said that heavy firing and explosions were heard in the border area since Monday morning. He also said that several dead bodies were lying in the border area.

On Monday afternoon, Al Amin said, ‘There is still intermittent gunfire here. We are hearing explosions every now and then. A while back, we drove past the Tambru market to the barbed wire fence. There is a canal. As far as we could see through the camera lens, several bodies were lying there. It could not be confirmed whether the bodies were members of the Arakan Army or the Myanmar Border Guard Police. Some members of the Arakan Army were seen dragging these bodies and throwing them into the canal. We have also seen the scene where the ground is buried somewhere.’

Describing the situation, Al Amin said, ‘After the helicopter attack here at around 12 noon, the members of the Arakan Army who were below after the bombing reported. Then again in the border area which is the village on the west side of Tambru, there was silence again. Shops in Tambru Bazaar did not open. There are no locals on the streets. The educational institution that exists is actually closed.’

Al Amin also said, ‘They have sat with the local public representatives on behalf of Naikshyongchari administration in Ghumdhum Union, about how to be careful in this situation. Many of those who left this area and took refuge in various places, especially in Ukhia and Kutupalong, returned. After this incident they went back again. Those who have paved structures or brick houses are staying indoors only. At least 20 BGP members crossed the barbed wire fence and entered Bangladesh with injuries. They have been taken to BGB camp. They were shifted in the morning. BGB has not yet officially informed where it was taken.’

Al Amin said, ‘In the village where I am now, several houses have been shot by the Arakan Army. Mortarshell has also arrived here. This area is very dangerous. When attacked by helicopters, the people of the area run in different directions in fear. Some moved to safe havens.’


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