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What international media is saying about Sheikh Hasina’s victory

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Voting for the 12th National Assembly elections was held across the country on Sunday. Awami League has already won the majority of seats in this election. Sheikh Hasina is going to become the Prime Minister of the country for the fourth consecutive term as the head of the party. The election of Bangladesh and Sheikh Hasina’s victory has gained importance in the international media.

On Monday, the news of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s victory in the elections of Bangladesh gained importance in the headlines of various international media. The reports of American media CNN, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, India’s NDTV and British media Guardian highlight Sheikh Hasina’s contribution to the development of Bangladesh.

Among them, the information about the absolute victory of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina in the fifth round came from India Today, NDTV and The Guardian. CNN reports that she is the world’s longest-serving female head of government.

In addition, international media such as Reuters and Deutsche Welle have published reports that Bangladesh’s economy and garment industry have turned around during the 15-year rule as Prime Minister. It is also mentioned in various reports that Sheikh Hasina has been praised internationally for sheltering Rohingyas expelled from Myanmar.


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