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What foreign observers including America said about the election

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The election observation team of various countries and organizations including America, Russia, OIC commented that the 12th National Parliament election of Bangladesh was peaceful and fair. They made this comment at a press conference held at Hotel Sonargaon in the capital on Sunday evening. The observers said that it is not the jurisdiction of the observers to see how many voters came.

Observers visited many centers of the country including various centers of the capital from Sunday morning. At this time, he spoke to all concerned including the voters.

The American observer group expressed satisfaction saying that the vote was fair and peaceful. They said the election was held in a festive atmosphere without any violence.

Jim Bates, a member of the American Congress, said, “The commission of Bangladesh conducted the election very efficiently. Polling time should be extended further.’

Observers of Russia said that the democratic environment of Bangladesh is strengthening as evidenced by the healthy voting environment. There was free flow of information and transparency in elections.

Andrei Shutov, head of Russia’s election monitoring team, said, ‘Several countries do not want to see political stability in Bangladesh. The dominance of one country is no longer there, there is more polarization in the world.’

Palestine’s CEC said, ‘Bangladesh’s voting system was very good in the voting experience of other countries. We are satisfied with the election environment.

Hisham MY Quhail, CEO of the Central Election Commission of Palestine, said, ‘We saw a good election process, no violence was seen. The voting took place in a fair and peaceful atmosphere.’

Observers from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have expressed their satisfaction with observing the elections. They are satisfied with the election environment. OIC election unit chief Sheikh Mohammad Bandar said, ‘I don’t know how many votes have been cast. But in the morning, the voter turnout was very low.’

Meanwhile, observers from Germany and Ireland expressed satisfaction saying the vote was peaceful.

Hasif Mahmood Shah, Independent News, Dhaka.


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