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What did Imran go further after being sentenced to prison?

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General elections are scheduled to be held in Pakistan next week. Earlier, the special court of the country sentenced Imran Khan and his former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to 10 years in jail in the case of leaking diplomatic cables. Imran’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) claims that the verdict was given to Imran before the elections. However, the people concerned think that this verdict can be a curse for Imran.

Imran Khan was sentenced in the second case. Earlier, he was also sentenced in the case of taking gifts from the State Tosha Khana. Imran Khan was sentenced to three years in that verdict given on August 5 last year. However, the Islamabad High Court suspended his sentence. Later, the Division Bench of the High Court quashed the suspension of the sentence. In the same judgment, the court also declared Imran ineligible for election for five years.

Incidentally, former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan was forced to step down from the post of Prime Minister in April 2022. Since then, this 71-year-old politician is facing one crisis after another.

The Saifar case alleged that former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted to leak a cable as proof of his ouster. According to the Central Investigation Agency, Imran wanted to prove through that cable that Pakistan’s powerful army had conspired with America to remove him from power. However, the American and Pakistani armies rejected Imran’s claim. The PTI termed the court’s verdict on Tuesday as shameful. The party said it will appeal against the verdict.

In general, Nawaz Sharif will come to power if Imran does not win the election. Nawaz, who was once deposed through a military coup, returned to Pakistan after his exile from the United Kingdom in October.

Government officials supporting Sharif welcomed the verdict against Imran. They are giving different posts about it on social media. PTI is facing adverse conditions even in the election. Pakistan’s court said, PTI cannot hold elections with the bat symbol.

Pakistan’s caretaker government says these steps are necessary to maintain stability in the country. They alleged that when Imran was arrested early last year, he created unrest in the country by creating tension against the army.

However, Pakistani political scientist Sarwar Bari believes that the ten-year prison sentence has taken Imran a step further. He told the US media Washington Post, ‘According to what PTI has been seeing for the last two years, such a verdict was expected. If the PTI can convert their anger and frustration into votes on February 8, more surprises await.’


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