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Weather changes can be troublesome

Weather changes can be troublesome

The colder months bring not only shorter days, but also less sun, more rain and associated health problems… Some complain of pressure in the head, joint pain, others feel tired or restless or irritable. Can a change in weather really hurt or are we just talking about it? And can the pain caused by barometric pressure be effectively alleviated?

Joint pain as a weather forecast

Some people have health problems even before the weather changes. “The change in weather has a very bad effect on me, I feel worse, I’m more irritable in bad weather,” says Mrs. Marta (53), who has been treated for joints for several years, is obese and was also diagnosed with prediabetes. Often, according to his words, he feels migraine-like pressure in his head, it breaks in his joints. “That’s when I know a change in weather is coming, and I don’t even have to look at the forecast,” she says, adding that sometimes it doesn’t look like a change according to the forecast, but she already feels it “in her bones.”

The fact is that people suffering from certain diseases of the locomotor system can really be very sensitive to changes in the weather or, more precisely, barometric pressure. And that’s precisely through pain.

“Changes in pressure actually cause subliminal irritation of nerve endings in tissues, resulting in muscle stimulation or scarring resulting in joint pain. These clinical symptoms most often arise when the barometric pressure drops sharply, that is, when the weather worsens, when it rains,” confirms orthopedist MUDr. Jozef Vojtaššák.

Cold can help rheumatism

People suffering from any of the degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system know very well that when the pressure changes, the intensity of the pain they feel also changes. Anyone who has not known it until now, but suddenly for an inexplicable reason their muscles or joints ache almost every day, should hurry to see a doctor and undergo a professional examination as soon as possible. It is precisely the changes in barometric pressure that cause pain, which can signal that something is wrong with the body.

A few tips on how to adapt to the change of season

Adequate movement especially in the fresh air, it is good for health. Depending on what your body and state of health allow, choose an activity that gets your blood pumping and your body warm. It can be fast walking, walking, running, cycling, swimming, calanetics, yoga, exercises with your own weight, but also dancing, for example.

Hardening it is an excellent prevention of diseases, helps relieve pain and eliminates stress. Not only swimming or staying in cold water, but also a proper sauna is considered as hardening.

Dress appropriately so that we are neither too cold nor too hot. Layering is the way to go.

Varied diet. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, supplemented with adequate amounts of meat, legumes and fiber, are the best way to go.

Enough sleep and rest. The balance between workload and performance and between tension and joy is a shortcut to health that cannot be bought at any pharmacy.


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