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We want rumour-free media: Minister of State for Information

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State Minister of Information and Broadcasting Mohammad Ali Arafat said, ‘We want complete freedom of the media, we want to bring disinformation under accountability. At the end of the day we want rumour-free media.’

The State Minister said these things in a meeting with the Television Owners Association (ATCO) in the meeting room of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting at the Secretariat. The state minister said, ‘We want a media where there is free flow of information and the government or authority must be questioned. There will be opportunity for reply and room for criticism.’

The state minister said, ‘In the first cabinet meeting, the prime minister said that there will be criticism in many cases, some criticism will be based on correct information, and we should try to correct it. The Prime Minister wants criticism to be based on correct information.

“If there is any deviation or failure in the work of the government or various departments or ministries of the government, there will certainly be criticism and if it is on the front page of the print media or electronic media, then the answers given by the relevant ministries or individuals of the government will be equally important in the media. So that people can come to a conclusion. Because in democracy, people have to make independent decisions and make informed decisions.’

A. Arafat said, using social media, there is a kind of abuse. We have to try to establish institutions and bring order to the proliferation of media in the last 15 years. First of all, we have to be careful, as we want to eliminate misinformation, bring disinformation under accountability, but in doing so freedom of expression, freedom of media should not be overstepped there.

But there can be no debate about the country, national flag, national anthem, liberation war and three lakh martyrs. The Minister of State for Information also mentioned that these are anti-national activities. He also said that there will be an effort on how to work together by leaving room for criticism on the basis of discussion.


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