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We should work for the welfare of the country through winning and losing: Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged everyone to work for the welfare of the country after accepting the victory or defeat in the election. He made this call in a joint meeting with the Awami League’s executive council, advisory council and organ organizations at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Monday.

This is his first joint meeting after taking charge of the Prime Minister for the fourth time in a row and the fifth time in total.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that there were many conspiracies for the election not to take place. I chose to face them. Many of the party want to run for election, this time it is open for them. Those who have elected, some have won, some have been defeated.

Awami League president said, ‘One must stop blaming each other. Our party and some other parties participated in the election. We have received people’s support as recognition of work. Many may have won, many may not. We have to work for the welfare of the country by accepting defeat and victory. If we are busy finding fault with others, it will only cheer up our opponents.’

Sheikh Hasina instructed the leaders and workers to be careful so that BNP does not get an opportunity in their conflicts.

Criticizing BNP, he said, ‘BNP will not be successful in the elections, it has already come out in various surveys. It is natural that they will not come after hearing this. Fraud, vote stealing, these were created during the BNP. They got only 30 seats in the 2008 elections. Awami League got 233. They did not come in 2014. They started arson to stop the election.’

The Prime Minister’s speech also raised the issue of violence arising out of the BNP’s general meeting in the capital on October 28. He said, ‘No one was spared from their violence that day. Yet they cry again at the international level. It is said that there was provocation in this incident. There was no one to provoke that day. The police were also quite calm. This they will do more.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘We have got the trust of the people. It has to pay the price. Working as a volunteer. They should be taken forward. People are suffering due to price hike. There are certain circles that increase them. It is also true that people’s income has increased. I have made advance purchase of everything needed for fasting. I will make sure that people do not suffer. We will take measures to curb inflation.


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