Home News We see the new accusation in the Gorila case as revenge for Lipšic, claims Haščák’s lawyer

We see the new accusation in the Gorila case as revenge for Lipšic, claims Haščák’s lawyer

We see the new accusation in the Gorila case as revenge for Lipšic, claims Haščák’s lawyer

The defense of financier Jaroslav Haščák perceives the new indictment in the Goril case as revenge against former special prosecutor Daniel Lipšic for the role he attributes to him in connection with the criminal amendment.

He considers it impossible that it was the result of a free decision by a rank-and-file, temporarily assigned prosecutor. She called the accusation and the procedure that preceded it an excess. The lawyer of the accused, Martin Škubla, informed about it.


“It is beyond the law to accuse someone, then to do almost nothing in the criminal proceedings and to tolerate the inaction of the police, just to watch their game of looking into the file of the defense attorneys (even for only half a year and with the concealment of parts of the file) and finally before the demise of the Special Prosecutor’s Office basically just repeating the accusation without giving an answer to the substantive objections of the defense against the original accusation in almost a year and a half,” the defense claims.

The lawyer also objects that the prosecutor informed about the new charges at a time when the clients had not yet received them. He considers it an illegal procedure.

“It is a violation of the presumption of innocence if a state authority proactively informs the public about an accusation before it has been notified of its delivery to all the accused,” he pointed out.

The defense questioned the argumentation of the justification of the charge, also talking about a biased prosecutor.

She also pointed out that the new indictment now only concerns the isolated and time-barred act of Slovalco, which practically “disappeared” the economic activity of the alleged criminal group from the indictment.

At the same time, Slovalco does not consider the act to be a criminal act. He considers the accusation of corruption bizarre. He also rejects the accusation in connection with the criminal group.

The prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office decided on March 12 to indict the financier Haščák and four other persons in the Gorila case.

These are crimes of founding, planning and supporting a criminal group or corruption crimes. In the case of four persons, also for the criminal offense of breach of duty in the management of someone else’s property.

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