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“We played because Buffafe gave permission”

by Afonso
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Buffett made a surprising statement yesterday. The country’s football governing body banned BKSP from all football activities for a year. According to Buff, the penalty was given because of irregularities in the registration of players in the third division football and the relegation of such a player to the second division despite warnings about it.

The BKSP authorities said that they will appeal against this decision of Bafuf.

BAFUF’s statement yesterday informed that BKSP signed an agreement with Chawkbazar Kings Club in the Under-17 Third Division Football League last August. According to the contract, three footballers of BKSP were supposed to play for Chawkbazar. Although registered in the names of Naimur Rahman, Hasan Mia and Mohammad Zifat, three other BKSP players – Mohammad Tasin Sahib, Ihsan Habib and Mohammad Rifat Kazi – played using their names.

Meanwhile, BKSP plays in the second division. During the player registration there, Tasin, Ihsan and Rifat registered using their real names and the matter came to Bafoof’s attention. Then BAFFE instructed these three not to play for BKSP in the second division, they were also given a show cause notice.

But another player named Ikramul Islam was also reported to have registered as Tahsan Hossain in the U-17 tournament. Ikramul played for BKSP in the second division. In this regard, after the BKSP-Arambagh Football Academy match in the Second Division League on November 24, Arambagh protested and brought the matter to the attention of BAFUF. The ban and fines were then imposed by Buff.

Two coaches of BKSP, Rabiul Islam and senior coach Shahinul Haque, have been banned for one year and four players have been banned for 6 matches.

When asked about the position of BKSP regarding the ban, in a conversation with Independent TV, Director of Training Department of BKSP, Colonel Md. Mizanur Rahman said, ‘An appeal will be made against the decision of BAFUF. The institution cannot be punished for the individual (player-coach).’

In the statement, BAFUF said that BKSP was not warned about these three players who played in the third division by concealing information. Director of BKSP training department is not willing to accept this complaint, ‘They told us about the three, I dropped those three immediately. We did not play those three. But about the fourth boy they are saying, we played him only because he was cleared by Buff. If we didn’t give clearance, we wouldn’t have played.’

Colonel Md. Mizanur Rahman said, Bafuf’s letter specifically mentioned the names of only three people. He claimed that the BKSP had followed Bafuf’s instructions, ‘We have removed the three people from the party against whom there were complaints. And regarding the fourth boy, it is being said that their committee gave him an ID card to play in the second division. I played him by giving the ID card. But later they said, he was also registered by Chawkbazar Kings. Whenever he said, Chawkbazar Kings registered OK, we dropped him from the next match.’

Not only the players but also two coaches of BKSP are involved in the incident. Three students told BAFUFE that BKSP coach Rabiul Islam himself was the coach of Chawkbazar. BKSP’s senior football coach Shahinul Haque was in charge of the head coach and manager of Chawkbazar. That’s why Buff thinks that the two coaches cannot avoid the responsibility of the crime of concealing the information of the three players.

When asked what action BKSP will take in this regard, Colonel Md. Mizanur Rahman said, ‘We will deal with the BAFUF issue first. After that action will be taken internally as per the rules of the organization.’


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