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"We have to measure our dicks to ours"

"We have to measure our dicks to ours"

The phrase (not really) is from Florentino Prez in 2013. But although it has endured in collective memory, it is not textual. He said “measure the beeps.” “Measuring the dicks” made us much more amused, of course, because deep down we have three years of life, and that is how many remember her. But despite the ‘fake’ memory, the phrase shows that the theme of the Bernabu whistles, the almost

I sickly love the team, it has always been there

. And it’s good that it is. Madrid has not won what it has won because the stands applaud them when they play badly, because they give them a pat on the back saying “good, guys, good”

when they wander around the grass and play for elimination in the Champions League

. The Bernabu public also plays the games.

Just like it roars when six minutes of extra time are announced and that collective roar shrinks an entire Manchester City

, also has his own way of warning his team when from the stands you start to smell that the game is in danger and that those on the pitch are not understanding it. said


that football was a ritual, “the last sacred representation of our time” and he made a comparison in which ‘his’ cinema lost out. “Cinema is a relationship between an audience in the flesh and a screen, some shadows.

Football, on the other hand, once again becomes a spectacle in which the real world, of flesh, in the stands of the stadium, is measured against the real protagonists, the athletes on the field.

“, said PPP. Spectators can influence what happens in the show they have come to see.

and they criticize what they are seeing live, with applause or whistles.

That the newcomers may find it strange or that foreigners find it difficult to understand that at the home of the King of Europe he whistles goodbye to his team at half-time is understandable.

But Nacho, who has been in Madrid all his life and if he were not a footballer, would have been in the stands for 20 years with the same seat.

complain to the press that they have been whistled, it makes no sense.

The Bernabu thus expresses his affection, demanding

. That’s why Madrid is Madrid.

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