Home News We have improved, but we are still not fully sorting. There are 99 kilos of food waste per year for one Slovak

We have improved, but we are still not fully sorting. There are 99 kilos of food waste per year for one Slovak

We have improved, but we are still not fully sorting.  There are 99 kilos of food waste per year for one Slovak

There are 99 kilograms of food waste per year for one Slovak. 67 percent come from households. The remaining 33 percent is generated during primary production, food production, in shops, during distribution or in restaurants. WOOD & Company analyst Eva Sadovská informed TASR about it. The analysis is based on the most recent Eurostat data from 2021, which also revised the data for 2020.

“Slovakia improved year-on-year, as the production of food waste decreased by minus seven kilograms per person compared to 2020. This was mainly due to the decrease in the generation of food waste in primary production, by minus nine kilograms per inhabitant,” said Sadovská.

She added that in the case of restaurants and catering establishments or households there was a slight increase, in both cases by one kilo per inhabitant.

We do not sort fully

In Slovakia and in other countries of the European Union, food waste is mainly generated in households. Most often, it concerns bread and pastry, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, leftovers of cooked uneaten food, but also unwrapped food, the analyst claims.


“Slovak households are not opposed to sorting kitchen bio-waste, but they still do not sort it fully, so part of the bio-waste from the kitchen continues to end up in black containers intended for mixed municipal waste. At the same time, sorted kitchen bio-waste often contains residues of microplastics, for example from packaging,” summarized the general Director of the Slovak Waste Industry Association (ZOP) and one of the authors of the White Book of Waste Management in the Slovak Republic, Ján Chovanec.

He pointed out that some localities, in turn, have problems with a lack of processing equipment. Their bio-waste is thus often transported hundreds of kilometers. “That is neither an economically nor an environmentally sound solution,” Chovanec pointed out.

Deciding on the system

According to experts from ZOP SR, the current setting of biowaste collection from households is too regulated and set across the board for all municipalities, regardless of their individual needs and specifics. This is primarily about the frequency of export, which depends on the time of year and the type of container used. Experts consider this an unnecessary obstacle that can prevent a more efficient, sorted collection of bio-waste. According to them, the entire system needs to be deregulated and adapted to regional conditions.


The costs associated with the collection and processing of kitchen waste are among the most expensive items in municipal waste management. “Deciding on the best kitchen waste collection system should therefore be left exclusively to municipalities, collection companies and final waste processing facilities,” stated Chovanec.

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