Home Sports "We didn’t know what to do with Greif and through therapy we rescued him"

"We didn’t know what to do with Greif and through therapy we rescued him"

"We didn’t know what to do with Greif and through therapy we rescued him"

EMallorca scored against Valencia and can now focus on the Copa del Rey final. “We played a serious game” and now it’s time to think about La Cartuja because “the final is a gift.”

How do you rate the tie? “It’s a good point. Valencia at home is very complicated. They are a dynamic, young, intense team and they have a lot of quality. The numbers say it. At home they are almost unbeatable. The point is good.”

Confidence in Greif: “I hadn’t put him in the league for a minute. When I arrived he was liquidated, lame, destroyed and bent over. He went to his country, infiltrated and came back. We didn’t know what to do with the therapy base and we rescued him. He has put him on his part. He is a true goalkeeper. He deserves to play in the final with everything that has happened. He has had a very bad time. He trains very well, today I wanted to put him in and the scoundrel played well.”

How much have you thought about the Cup final to make the eleven?: “I have thought zero. Football gives you surprises. I threw the best eleven for this match and I will put the best eleven in the Cup. Let’s see how the week develops and we will put the best for the final. Greif and ten more “.

Location of Mascarell and Valjent: “Mascarell was on ice and we have to evaluate him well. It’s a muscle issue and we don’t know the severity. I hope Valjent is available for the final.”

The referee went to the VAR: “When I pitted I didn’t see anything. I went to the monitor and they told me it was very clear. I was calm because I was going to go to the VAR for sure. I lost against Argentina due to an offside by Maradona and in the 2002 World Cup there was also a big mistake. “Sometimes they don’t call you and there are conflicts. I like VAR as a tool.”

Putting your leg in seven days before a final: “We can’t regulate anything because the underdogs win and we can’t give anything away. It was a serious game. I didn’t think about the final, but about this game. The final is a gift. We are doing our job in the league.”

Message to the fans: “Thank you very much. The hope is intact. We are going to compete like every game and they deserved this gift because they have suffered. I hope we can give them joy”