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‘We didn’t come to India, we came because it would be excessive’

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The five-match Test series between India and England begins tomorrow. The issue of an English cricketer not getting a visa to India is discussed over the fight of the two teams’ white clothes. Young English spinner Shoaib Bashir, who is awaiting his debut, has not been granted a visa to India. That’s why severe criticism has started.

However, this time, the day before the Hyderabad Test, different information came out. England did not want to visit India. The England cricket team at one point decided not to fly to India because their young cricketer Bashir did not have a visa.
But the first Test would have been uncertain, so the English came to India. This information was given by the visiting captain Ben Stokes at the pre-match press conference today.

Shoaib Bashir was supposed to go on tour with the national team for the first time. But the Pakistani origin off-spinner’s visa was not received on time. So the 20-year-old spinner returned to England after waiting in the United Arab Emirates.

Surrey-born Bashir is not the first cricketer to be stymied by India’s visa policy. Earlier, Usman Khaja also faced such problems because he was of Pakistani origin. England’s Moeen Ali and Shakib Mahmud also had such an experience.

At the press conference today, Stokes said, ‘When I first heard the news while in Abu Dhabi, I told the team that we should not go to India until we get (Bashir’s) visa. But that would have been too much.’

Stokes also said, ‘Had he not come to India, there would have been a big discussion. I may have said something out of control. But we had no desire not to come to India. Bashir knows he has our full support. I am very disappointed to see Bash in this situation. When a teammate goes through a situation like that, anyone as a team leader and captain is emotional.’


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