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We are not feeling foreign pressure: Foreign Minister

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Foreign Minister Mohammad Hasan Mahmud commented that we are not feeling the pressure of any foreigner. He said, we try to give importance to the fact that different countries may have different types of suggestions.

Hashan Mahmud said these things while talking to journalists at the ministry on Sunday.

Hasan Mahmud said that there were many pressures regarding the elections, the government has removed them. Concerns of friendly countries must be given importance. Despite global divisions, Bangladesh will remain steadfast in its principles.

Hasan Mahmud also said that more or less every country has some questions about the elections, many defeated candidates have various statements. He said that violence has reduced in the 12th National Assembly elections.

Regarding the Rohingya crisis, the new foreign minister said, ‘Bangladesh is interested in solving the Rohingya crisis diplomatically, not war.’

The Foreign Minister said that we want to continue with East-West. He said that the ambassadors of the United States and the United Kingdom were present at the swearing-in ceremony of the cabinet because they are interested in working with the new government.


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