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We are about our interests: whose

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General Editor of Awami League Obaidul Quader has commented that there is a conflict of interest between India and China regarding Bangladesh due to geopolitical reasons. He made this comment while interacting with journalists at the secretariat on Sunday afternoon.

Obaidul Quader said, ‘There is a power ring between India and China due to geopolitical strategy. India and China have conflicts of interest. It’s up to them. We have our interests, we should not be affected by their internal conflict.’

Regarding relations with America, Quader said, ‘The United States did not call the 12th National Parliament election flawed. They will continue their relationship with the current government. The interests of both countries are here.’

Awami League general secretary said, ‘After the election, Matthew Miller said two kinds of things in his speech. One, there was no free and fair election. It also said that it is our responsibility to maintain relations with Bangladesh in many other areas. From there I have a relationship and a commitment to a relationship and will do so. They have said before that the election should be free and fair. But they did not say the election was flawed. If you comment that there is danger of something bad.’

Claiming that the election was peaceful, Kader said, ‘There was no violence in the election, it was completed peacefully. We do not know what free and fair election will be. BNP did not come to the election, does it mean that the election was not free and fair?’

Stating that the relationship with America will not deteriorate, he said, ‘We will not spoil the relationship. Let the relationship be. America has interests here, we have too.’


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