Home News We are a family re-elected Boris Kollár as chairman at the Diet

We are a family re-elected Boris Kollár as chairman at the Diet

We are a family re-elected Boris Kollár as chairman at the Diet

The We Are Family movement re-elected Boris Kollar as its chairman. The delegates at Saturday’s assembly decided on it unanimously. In addition, the movement repeatedly elected Petra Krištúfková as vice-president, the general manager of the movement Marián Labanič became the new vice-president. They informed about it from the press department of the movement.


“I am pleased with the trust shown by all the voters, I appreciate it very much. I feel grateful, but also responsible, not only towards them, but also towards our supporters and voters. The trust they showed me encouraged me to continue he continued in politics,” said Kollár. He wants to continue to be active and prepare with the movement for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

At the Diet, the movement also focused on evaluating the results of last year’s parliamentary elections and the previous election period. Kollar underlined the need to calm the situation in society. According to him, the movement wants to continue to focus on topics such as help to families, pensioners, food self-sufficiency, but also new topics for the future of the country.

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