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Ways to protect against data leaks even from incognito

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Google Chrome has introduced incognito mode for security purposes. User activity is not saved here. That’s why many people choose this mode for private browsing. But incognito mode is also not completely secure. Here too user data may be tracked. Information may be leaked.

According to tech website Make Use Of, deleting your search history can be a good way to protect against data leaks. But there is no option to delete search history in incognito mode. However, you can delete the history of the computer as well as the smartphone by following a few steps.

How to Delete Incognito Search History on Android
* To delete incognito search history on Android operating system, first go to Google Chrome browser
Chrome://net-internals/#dns Copy this url and search in incognito mode.
* In the tab that opens, click on the DNS option on the left side.
* Now press on Clear host cache option.
* DNS Cache history will be deleted.

How to Delete Incognito Search History on iPhone
* Open Control Center by swiping up from the top right corner on iPhone.
* Airplane mode should be activated now.
* Doing this will disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and automatically delete DNS Cache.

How to Delete Incognito Search History in Windows
Incognito search history can be deleted not only on smartphones but also on desktop computers.
* First, enter the Windows Start menu and search for cmd.
* Then click on Run as administrator option.
* Now type ipconfig/flushdns command and enter.
* This way all DNS Cache data can be deleted in incognito mode.


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