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Ways to make children kinder

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We all have a responsibility to make the world livable for our future generations. Whoever is living on earth today has the responsibility of creating a beautiful world for the next generation. So, besides fulfilling your own responsibilities, you can prepare your child to fulfill his future responsibilities.

Kindness is essential for the human development of the child. Then see how to cultivate kindness among them.

Create an example

Your behavior is like a mirror to your child. From an early age, children pay attention to the behavior of you and those around you. That is gradually contained within itself. If you want to instill kindness in your child, reflect it in your own behavior. Your behavior with people like housework helper, janitor will be a good lesson for your child.

The habit of expressing one’s own misunderstandings and sorrows

Even if we don’t want to, every day we make small mistakes. Being able to catch this mistake and express regret for it can be a great virtue. You may have unknowingly walked through the deleted area after the homework helper deleted the room. The place is dirty again. Your child will learn how to express grief by watching you express sadness instead of avoiding it.

Tell the story of super heroes

In movies or stories about superheroes, superheroes always benefit people. And inside every child lives a super hero. You can watch superhero movies with him and tell stories of our real-life native superheroes (like Haji Muhammad Mohsin, Naseeruddin Hojja) who understand human suffering. Discuss with your child how responsibility, standing by people, magnanimity—these qualities can make a person great. In this, the super hero in him will gradually become more prosperous.

Compliment his behavior

Your child is constantly learning from you. Motivate him if you see that learning reflected in his behavior. Appreciate his behavior.

Get involved in volunteer work

There are many voluntary organizations in our country. If the child is a little older, you can involve him with these organizations. Apart from the organization, he can do service work on his own responsibility. For example, try to incorporate tasks such as cleaning their classrooms together.

To build a beautiful world, we need to strive to make our children responsible, dutiful, magnanimous and kind. A child’s development depends on how you want to raise him. To develop kindness in the child, your behavior with him and providing small messages in daily routine will build this wonderful quality in him.

Arundhati Munmun: Child Development Researcher; Researcher at Shishu Bikash.com


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