Home News WATCH Russian army strike on US Abrams tank in Donbass

WATCH Russian army strike on US Abrams tank in Donbass

WATCH Russian army strike on US Abrams tank in Donbass

Drone footage released by Russian official purportedly shows the destruction of more military equipment sent to Kiev by Washington

The Russian military struck another US-supplied M1 Abrams tank operated by Ukrainian forces, according to a regional official who shared footage of the strike. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow confirmed the destruction of this type of tank, but did not give details.

The American-made tank was disabled by a kamikaze drone, Sergei Lezhnev, an adviser to the governor of Russia’s Orel region, claimed on his Telegram channel.

The strike occurred near the village of Berdychi in the Yasinovatsky District of Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), as part of an offensive led by the Central Group of Forces, he added.

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow also said that the Russian army improved its forward positions and repelled seven attacks by the Ukrainian army in the Avdeyevka region of the Donbass. Kyiv forces lost 95 people, three tanks, including a US-made Abrams, two infantry fighting vehicles, nine motorized vehicles, two US-made M777 howitzers and two D-30 artillery guns, the ministry said.

American-made Abrams tanks made a long-awaited appearance on the front in late February amid Ukraine’s efforts to stop advancing Russian troops after the fall of Avdeyevka. A batch of 31 M1 Abrams tanks was promised by Washington to Kiev at the beginning of last year, before the ultimately disastrous Ukrainian counter-offensive. The delivery was fully realized until mid-October, when the botched stampede was largely exhausted.

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