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Was Kohli’s ‘family needs’ reason behind leaving India fake?

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India will take on South Africa in the first match of the two-Test series at Centurion tomorrow. Earlier today, good news for Indian cricket fans, Kohli, who left the Indian team citing ‘family emergency’ on December 19, returned to practice today.

But the time between Kohli’s departure and his return has given birth to a news story. Although Kohli left the team citing family needs, Indian media outlet News Eight reported that the reason was actually fake. Initially, the news of Kohli’s return to the country was reported, but in fact the Indian batsman has gone to London. However, the report did not tell what work he went there.

He had already informed the team management that Kohli would leave the team and go to London at this time. According to that, everything went according to plan, News Eight reported quoting ‘reliable’ sources related to the board.

Kohli, Rohit were not in the ODI and T20 teams for the tour of South Africa. Both are in the Test team. Kohli joined the Test team in South Africa on December 15. As part of practice, the Indian players were to play a match in two halves from December 20 to 22. Before that, Kohli left the team.

But even though family needs were reported behind it, that was not the real reason, according to News Eight’s report. In the intra-squad match in which the team’s players were divided into two, Kohli’s non-play was also predetermined, according to the report.

A source trusted by the board said that, News Eighteen reported. “Virat Kohli was never supposed to play in that (intra-squad) match,” their report said, citing unnamed sources. The team management knew everything about his plan, when to go. It didn’t happen overnight, there was no family emergency.’

Kohli is quoted as saying, ‘The player we are talking about here, look at his name – Virat Kohli! All these things are planned very thoroughly, in this case his plan to go to London was well informed in advance, it was planned in that way.’


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