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Voting for the 12th Parliament election has started

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Voting for the 12th National Assembly elections has started. This polling started from 8 am on Sunday and will continue till 4 pm.

There are 42 thousand 24 centers in this election. There are 260 thousand 856 polling booths. More than 200,000 election officers will perform duties in the election, starting from the returning officer to the polling officer.

Among them are 66 returning officers, 590 assistant returning officers and more than 42 thousand presiding officers.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal announced the schedule of the 12th National Assembly elections on November 15. According to the schedule, the last date for filing nomination papers was last November 30. Nominations were collected from 1st to 4th December. And the appeal against the decision of the Returning Officer was filed from 6 to 15 December.

Besides, the deadline for withdrawal of candidature was December 17. And the symbol was allotted on 18 December. The candidates started campaigning that day. After that, the campaign continued till 8 am last Friday.

Out of the 44 parties registered by the Election Commission (EC), 28 parties are participating in this election. Other like-minded parties including BNP are not participating.

According to the latest information of EC, there are 1 thousand 971 candidates in total 300 seats in this election. Among them, 266 candidates of Awami League are contesting the most number of seats as a party. Besides, there are 265 candidates of Jatiya Party. However, 76 of them have already announced their withdrawal from the election. And there are 436 independent candidates.

Voters at a polling station in Savar.  Photo: The Independent

However, polling is going on in 299 constituencies. The Election Commission (EC) has postponed the polling of Naogaon-2 constituency due to the death of a candidate.

Meanwhile, at least 8 lakh members of Armed Forces, Border Guard Bangladesh, Coast Guard, RAB, Police and Ansar Battalion are working to control the law and order situation in the country. Besides, executive and judicial magistrates are working in the field.

Parties that are not on the ballot

Apart from BNP, LDP, Khilafat Majlis, CPB, Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh, Islami Andolan, Jamiat Ulamae Bangladesh, Insaniat Biplab, National Democratic Revolution (NDM), National Socialist Party of Bangladesh-Bangladesh Jasad, JSD (Rob), Basad, BJP, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlis, Bangladesh Muslim League (Hurricane), Zaker Party and Bangladesh National Awami Party- Bangladesh NAP (Cow).

Domestic and foreign observers

EC has approved 186 foreign observer-journalists. Among them 127 observers and 59 media workers. The EC has authorized 517 people from 40 observation agencies centrally and 20 thousand 256 people from 84 observation agencies locally.

How much is the cost of the election?

Ashok Kumar Debnath, Additional Secretary of the Election Commission, said that the money allocated to the election management and law and order sectors may increase later than the amount proposed at first. As the demand increases, the total cost can reach 2 thousand to 2 thousand 200 crores.

BNP strike is going on

The 48-hour hartal of BNP has started from 6 am on Saturday morning to demand boycott of elections. It will continue until next Monday morning at 6 o’clock.


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