Home News Voting closed if even one vote is attempted to be rigged: EC Habib

Voting closed if even one vote is attempted to be rigged: EC Habib

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Election Commissioner (EC) Brigadier General (retd) Ahsan Habib Khan has ordered the officials concerned to stop the polls if there is an attempt to fake even a single vote in the 12th National Assembly elections. He gave this order during the training of the officials participating in the election at Manirampur Government High School for Girls in Jessore’s Manirampur this Saturday morning.

Ahsan Habib said to the officials related to the election, ‘If someone insists in the center, if they try to fake even a single vote, then close the polling station and leave. We will hold re-election there.’

Addressing the officers in the training program, EC Habib further said, ‘If any untoward incident occurs, you will immediately inform the law enforcement agencies. They will control the situation. If that is not possible, you will save your life and leave the center. But under no circumstances let the vote be rigged.’

1 thousand 300 trainees participated in this training held at Manirampur Government High School for Girls. A total of 2,700 trainees of the upazila will participate in this program in two days.

The EC announced the schedule of the 12th National Assembly elections on November 15. According to the schedule, the polls will be held on January 7 next year. The election campaign has already started. Candidates can campaign till 8 am on January 5. This year, 28 political parties out of 44 parties registered by the EC are participating in the elections. Other like-minded parties including BNP are not participating in the elections.


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