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Voting begins in Taiwan amid China’s ‘intense monitoring’

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Voting for presidential and parliamentary elections has begun in the island nation of Taiwan from Saturday morning. The future of Taiwan’s relationship with China depends a lot on this election. Because these two countries have been facing each other on the issue of ‘autonomy’ for a long time. America has sided with Taiwan for geopolitical reasons.

The British media BBC reported that Taiwan, a country of about 19.5 million people, is going to choose a new president today. China has always claimed this autonomous island as its territory. On the contrary, Taiwan has been rejecting this claim. However, this island state has no international recognition. China has said that Taiwan will be annexed to Chinese territory at any cost. And America said, if America intervenes in Taiwan, it will not be tolerated.

Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is desperately seeking a third term in power. The party has always engaged in a war of words with China to protect Taiwan’s independence and sovereignty.

DPP candidate William Lai is running for the presidency this time. China has identified R Li as a ‘trouble maker’. China urged Taiwanese people not to vote for this troublesome man. China has also said it is closely monitoring today’s election.

Taiwan’s main opposition party, the Kuomintang (known as the KMT), on the other hand, has said it will try to improve relations with Beijing to promote peace in the Taiwan Strait. The party’s presidential candidate, Hai Yue, said he would ease hostile relations with China.

Apart from these two, the former mayor of Taipei and the top leader of the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) Ko Wen Jie is contesting as a candidate in the election. He is very popular among the youth.

However, ordinary Chinese people are more concerned about Taiwan’s economy than the strained Sino-Taiwan relations.

The news agency Reuters said that polling will continue till 4 pm today. Voting is done through ballot paper. Voting will end today and the Election Commission said it expects to announce the results by evening.


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