Home News Voters of Bholar Char will go to cast their votes by crossing the 15-20 km river route

Voters of Bholar Char will go to cast their votes by crossing the 15-20 km river route

Voters of Bholar Char will go to cast their votes by crossing the 15-20 km river route

Around 50,000 voters of the district have to suffer due to lack of polling stations in many remote areas of Bhola. Many people have to cross 15 to 20 kilometers of river to vote. However, there will be arrangements for boating on behalf of the Union Parishad. The Coast Guard will provide security to the voters. People of Bhola hope for a crowded vote after overcoming obstacles.

Out of 71 Unions in Dwip District Bhola, 10 Unions are in the Char area rising up in the middle of Meghna and Sea. There are more than 1 lakh voters in these unions. There are 26 centers. 60 thousand 304 people can vote in it. The rest will have to cross the river and go to the main land i.e. upazila headquarters to vote.

There is no polling station in the separate union Hajipur. Voters have to cross the river to Daulatkhan Sadar. Apart from this, around 10,000 voters of Char Mozammel, Char Nasreen and Char Farzana of Tajumuddin’s Chandpur Union will also have to go to the upazila headquarters to vote.

People of Char are willing to vote even after accepting such difficulties for the sake of development of Char. The Returning Officer also hopes for a sufficient voter turnout.

Bhola returning officer Arifuzzaman said that the river is calm due to the winter season. Apart from that, voters have a habit of walking in the river. Voting will not be a problem even if you are far away.

A local voter says that he will go to Tajumuddin by boat and vote and come back to Char.

Another voter said about the development of their char. They are benefiting from getting electricity.

Bhola-3 Awami League candidate Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shawon said that for the convenience of the people, the Union Parishad chairmen will arrange for boating on the polling day. He also said that the local chairman would arrange boats to take Char voters to the mainland. Voters will go to the polling station in that boat and return home after voting.

The Bangladesh Coast Guard is responsible for the security of the voters coming and going from the remote grasslands to the centers.

Director General of Bangladesh Coast Guard Rear Admiral Ashraful Haque Chowdhury said that those who will exercise their right to vote from scattered grazing areas on the mainland do not face any problem, the Coast Guard will stay in the river with various vessels to ensure their safety.

Total voters in 4 constituencies of Bhola are 15 lakh 53 thousand 752 people.