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Vote boycott of 3 candidates in two constituencies due to irregularities

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3 candidates in two constituencies in the 12th National Assembly elections have announced boycott of voting due to irregularities. On Sunday, they held a separate press conference and announced the vote boycott.

The boycotted candidates are Advocate Kaiser Ahmed, independent candidate of Eagle symbol of Mymensingh-10 (Gafargaon) constituency and Abul Hossain Dipu, independent candidate of Truck symbol and Ashraful Alam Liton, independent candidate of Truck symbol of Jessore-1 (Sharsha) constituency.

At 11 am on Sunday, Advocate Kaiser Ahmed held a press conference at his residence in Gafargaon’s Dhamail and announced the election boycott.

In the press conference, Kaiser complained that since morning the supporters of the boat entered every center and threatened the agents of the eagle symbol by throwing them out of the center and publicly sealing the boat. With the help of the local administration, boat agents and workers-supporters are sealing the boats and filling the ballot boxes.

He complained in the press conference that he did not get any remedy despite informing the administration. By canceling this election, he urged the commission to hold elections again in this seat. At that time, his party leaders and workers along with ordinary voters were present.

Meanwhile, independent candidate of Jessore-1 (Sharsha) Constituency Ashraful Alam Liton boycotted voting due to several allegations including killing on boats, throwing out polling agents from the polling station, bomb attack and firing in the polling station area.

Ashraful alleged that truck marker agents from 55 centers were beaten up and thrown out of the centers. One and a half hundred of his workers-supporters were beaten. He did not get any support from the administration in these incidents.

Ashraful Alam Liton complained that many of his workers may die if there is an election. None of the Election Commission’s promises have been implemented in his seat. That is why he withdrew from the election.


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