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Volatile market throughout the year, onion, potato-egg grinding consumer

by Afonso
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There was no relief in the prices of daily commodities throughout the year. After a few days, the prices of some consumer goods in the market increased at an unusual rate. Onion, potato, egg and sugar markets have suffered the most. However, towards the end of the year, there has been some relief in the price of beef.

One of the challenges of the country’s economy in 2023 was inflation. Inflation reached the highest level in 11 years due to various reasons including the Russia-Ukraine war, the appreciation of the dollar. Various initiatives have been taken to control the market, but no results have been found. Consumers urge effective supervision in the new year to prevent syndicates of unscrupulous traders.

Amidst all this, due to India stopping the export, there is not much volatility in the rice market, but the opposite picture can be seen in the onion market. Onion prices rise in the middle of the year, but at the end it goes out of reach. Onion has to be bought for 300 rupees per kg. The operation, fined, has not yet normalized.

Potatoes were also discussed to increase the price this year. Although the government has fixed Tk 36 per kg, it is still being sold at Tk 70-80 per kg. Allowing imports did not affect the market, government sold potatoes through TCB to avoid criticism.

Onion-potato price along with egg price did not give relief to the buyers. The price of the commodity was highest in mid-August. At that time, every dozen eggs were sold in the market for 180 taka. Unable to control the market, the government fixed the price of eggs at Tk 12 in September. Later, the price is reduced by importing.

There was a shortage of packet sugar in the market throughout the year. Up to Tk 150 per kg for open sugar. High price of edible oil. The price of raw chilli has increased abnormally. Per kg is sold up to 1200 taka.

However, the price of meat has increased throughout the year, but the price of meat has decreased slightly in the end. Beef is sold at Tk 600 to Tk 650 per kg.

In such a situation, consumers are worried about the product market in the new year. They demand government intervention to buy products at fair price.

Meanwhile, economists advise to ensure proper supply of products under market control. They also urged to be strict against manipulation.


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